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Enterprising Holter analysis solutions

Scalable Solutions

HScribe™ enables flexible system configurations to satisfy a full range of Holter monitoring needs, from simple to complex installations.  Multiple HScribe workstations can acquire, review, and generate reports within a shared database.  Customizable, electronic final reports can be manually or automatically exported to any networked destination.

Multiple Scanning Options

Retrospective, prospective, and superimposition scanning modes are supported to enable both traditional and advanced scanning options.

Advanced VERITAS™ Signal Processing

Mortara's VERITAS signal processing algorithms provide superior accuracy in beat detection, labeling, and noise rejection resulting in improved identification of events and rapid scanning of recordings.

Patient Monitoring Data Acquisition

12-lead ECG monitored at a Surveyor™ Central system can be imported at the HScribe, providing complete Holter analysis.

HL7 (Health Level 7) and DICOM® Bidirectional Interfaces

Receive demographics and orders from your HIS and export results to your EMR system with a custom HL7 interface.  Retrieve a Modality Worklist and store final reports in your PACS with DICOM.

Web-based Holter Data Transfer

Mortara Web Upload feature enables importing of Holter recordings from an unlimited number of remote sites.  A wizard-like application installed on your client's PC allows recorder preparation, local data download, patient demographic entry, diary event annotation, and recording transfer to your facility via secure internet/intranet connection.

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